Preventing Senior Hospitalisations

A stay in the hospital isn't desirable at any age, but it can be especially detrimental for older adults. The biggest fear is that the patient won't return home with the same level of independence as they had before the hospitalisation.

Obviously the best bet is to avoid hospitalisations when possible. Luckily, recent research conducted by the Home Instead Senior Care network in Ireland shows that nearly half of all senior hospitalisations can be prevented. Even better news is that 96.57% of nurses surveyed say that the role family plays is as important as the role played by health care professionals when it comes to preventing senior hospitalisations.

The research identified five ways older adults can prevent hospitalisation:

  • Follow doctor's orders
  • Don't ignore symptoms
  • ​Reduce risk of falls and accidents
  • Stay active physically and mentally
  • ​​Maintain a healthy diet

There are warning signs to potential hospitalisations that you should be aware of, but there are also some practical solutions to help. Learn more about helping your ageing loved ones avoid hospitalisations by downloading the 5 Ways Guide.

Additional research and information can be found in the Executive Summary.