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Sonas apc has changed its name to “Engaging Dementia”

Sep 21, 2018

After more than 22 years, Sonas apc will now go by the name: Engaging Dementia. The change comes with a new visual brand and website launched today, World Alzheimer’s Day.

The new name reflects the energy and dynamism we have shown in recent years as we have expanded our dementia services, co-designed award winning dementia gardens and created community engagement initiatives. 

The distinctive logo features a 2-way speech bubble symbolic of our passion and mission to maintain our focus on communication and innovation, supporting the 55k people in Ireland currently living with dementia. The new logo was created by McCann Creative Communications, Dublin.

As Engaging Dementia, we will continue to serve the 800 Sonas Licensed Practioners (SLPs) in over 250 nursing homes in Ireland to maintain high standards in their delivery of the Sonas Programme. We will expand the network of SLPs, increase our delivery of training in Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and other effective therapeutic approaches, and build on our work in the community. 

The name change and rebrand was both a practical and tactical decision. Engaging Dementia CEO Sinéad Grennan explains: "We were established as Sonas apc to deliver training in the Sonas Programme, an evidence-based therapeutic activity developed by our founder Mary Threadgold RSC. While the original name holds significance, and the Sonas Programme will retain its name, we are excited about the transition to Engaging Dementia as it better reflects the work we do today and into the future.

Engaging Dementia communicates what we value most – engagement - which is at the heart of what we do. We work to improve dementia care raise awareness of ways to enhance quality of life for people affected by dementia, and create events that bring joy through music and dance.”

Ms Grennan concluded that the organisation will continue to take dementia on – to explore the difficulties it brings and how they can be overcome.

“Let’s not define a person by the dementia they are living with. Instead we can learn how to support each person to continue to engage in life and participate as equal members of our communities. Let’s think beyond words and focus on how we can engage the parts of the brain that are so often unaffected by dementia to bring moments of joy to someone’s life. It’s time to remember that the person is always there. Often, the biggest problem isn’t the dementia – it’s our response to it.

If as a wider society we can better understand dementia and get engaged – we can make a real difference to the person who is living with dementia, their families and carers. We can enable carers in all settings, whether it be a family home, nursing home or hospital, to support people to live more fulfilled lives.”


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For more information on Engaging Dementia, please contact Sinéad Grennan on 087 231 2801


Notes to Editor

Engaging Dementia provides training, resources and supports for people with dementia and their carers. It promotes the value of communication, music, the senses, the creative arts and the outdoors.  Engaging Dementia continually explores new ways to upskill carers and enhance quality of life for people living with dementia.

It was originally established as Sonas apc in 1990 when Mary Threadgold RSC, a Speech and Language Therapist, devised a therapeutic activity for people with dementia, which she called the Sonas Programme. Research has confirmed the benefits of the programme for people with dementia. There are now more than 800 certified Sonas Licensed Practitioners in Ireland, with an estimated 250 nursing homes delivering the programme for the benefit of their residents.

Over the past ten years, Engaging Dementia expanded its dementia services significantly, both training for staff in nursing homes nationwide and innovative community initiatives. It runs the biggest annual international dementia conference in Ireland, is centrally involved in Alzheimer Cafes in Ireland, and was part of the Dementia Friendly Garden Team that brought two award-winning dementia gardens to the Bloom Festival in 2017 and 2018.