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Home Instead Support Businesses to Become Dementia Friendly

Oct 02, 2015

Wheelchair ramps. Gluten-free menus. Family friendly toilets. Businesses and other public places have made huge strides over the past few decades to accommodate customers and community members who have specific needs. However, while the number of people with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias is growing exponentially, most businesses do not yet fully understand the unique needs and behaviours of people with the disease or how to appropriately interact with them.

Maybe you have witnessed this lack of understanding and thought, as one Home Instead Senior Care® CAREGiverSM put it, “So many times I wish I could educate people about how to relate to these wonderful people!”  Well, now you can.

Introducing The Dementia Friendly Business Programme

To bring dementia awareness to the business community and encourage all types of businesses to learn how to better serve people with dementia and their families, Home Instead Senior Care has created the Dementia Friendly Business programme. 

This free training programme is designed to help business owners and their employees better understand Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and learn techniques to treat customers who have a dementia diagnosis with compassion and respect.

The training teaches broad concepts to help transform a business into a Dementia Friendly Business establishment and also specific techniques for serving customers with dementia, such as:

  • Approach the customer slowly from the front and make eye contact
  • Use a comforting tone of voice
  • Offer limited choices if the customer appears overwhelmed; for example, if a restaurant customer can not decide what to order, offer a choice of three menu items instead of going over the whole menu

To find out more or to sign up, please click here.