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‘Age Loudly’ with Senior Citizen: The Essential Guidebook 2014

Feb 18, 2014

Home Instead Senior Care is calling on older people to ‘Age Loudly’ in 2014 with the launch of their new edition of Senior Citizen: The Essential Guidebook, a survival guide to ageing in Ireland. Supported by Age Action, HSE and Nursing Homes Ireland this FREE annual guidebook is relied upon by tens of thousands of seniors and their families everyday. 

So how do you ‘Age Loudly’?   Do you want to learn how to skype your grandchildren living abroad but feel embarrassed about joining a computer class?  Are you feeling a bit under the weather but fear going to the GP for a check-up?  Are you finding it difficult living alone but are too proud to ask for help?  Or perhaps you feel overwhelmed at the thought of getting your legal affairs in order?  Well if you ‘Age Loudly’ you will be proactive in making such decisions and plan now for active and healthy ageing. 


Ed Murphy, CEO of Home Instead Senior Care said, “The Central Statistics Office predicts that, over the next 30 years, the number of people over the age of 65 will double and the number over 80 will quadruple.  Our ageing population is certainly one of humanity’s greatest triumphs. But it is also one of our greatest challenges with increased economic and social demands on our country, in terms of our funding for quality health and social services, increased cost of living, changes to family and community settings with increased emigration, social isolation and so on.”  The Senior Citizen Guidebook highlights key areas such as diet, exercise, socialisation, understanding your benefits and entitlements - your medical condition if you have one, appointing a power of attorney and considering your preferred care options for later life.  “Arming yourself with this knowledge will help Ireland create a very much needed culture of care planning, and we believe this is the key foundation to successful ageing.  We want Ireland’s culture to evolve to see care planning as the necessary and smart option for seniors”.

Supported by the HSE and Age Action, the 2014 edition encourages older people to take personal responsibility for their future by supporting readers  through ‘The Care Journey’ –  a journey that seeks  to maximise opportunities that enhance quality of life and prevents loss of independence for as long as possible.  

Pat Healy, National Director of Social Care, HSE said, “Many of our senior citizens and families have questions in respect of what services are out there that will assist in keeping older people well and making decisions in relation to their care whether at home or in another setting.    I trust that the topics covered in the guidebook will address many of these questions.”

Eamon Timmons, Head of Advocacy and Communications, Age Action said, “If people are to continue to living with dignity and independence, they need to have easy access to relevant information about their rights, entitlements, supports and services.  Unfortunately, much information is only available online.  This guidebook addresses this issue by providing an array of useful information in a format which most older people can access.”     

“Senior Citizen: The Essential Guidebook” features information on:

  • Allowances and Entitlements for older people and carers
  • Minding your Health
  •  Elder Abuse
  •  New Technology
  •  Keeping Safe at Home
  •  Home Care
  •  Nursing Homes
  •  Alzheimer’s and other Dementia Care
  •  Tips on Health & Fitness, Nutrition & Diet, Holidays & Travel
  •  Financial and Legal Information
  •  How to deal with Bereavement
  •  Directory of older people’s organisations
  • ·Successful Ageing Checklist


Senior Citizen: The Essential Guidebook 2014 is OUT NOW with 40,000 FREE copies available nationwide from Home Instead Senior Care offices.  To order a FREE copy call Home Instead Senior Care on 1890 989 755 or Simply Click Here