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Baby Boomers Lack Care Plan for Parents - Research Reveals Adult Children Not Prepared to Care for Ageing Parents

Jul 01, 2011

A new survey by Home Instead Senior Care, Ireland’s leading home care company, shows that an alarming number of those caring for their ageing parents are under-prepared. The survey of 600 adults aged 45 – 65 found that almost half couldn't name a single drug their parents took. 34% said they don't know whether their parents have a safe deposit box, and 36% said they don't know where their parents' financial information is located.


"The majority of family carers we work with have done no advance planning," says Ed Murphy, founder and Managing Director of Home Instead Senior Care in Ireland. "It is not important until it's urgent. So much stress and uncertainty down the road can be prevented."


Lack of planning can lead to serious complications when decisions need to made quickly, warns the home care provider. "It's vitally important to plan ahead and have these conversations with parents, or families can act out of fear and make mistakes when emergencies arise," says Ed Murphy.


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