Senior Citizen and Family Carer: The Essential Guidebook

The ninth annual Senior Citizen and Family Carer: The Essential Guidebook is now available – this free resource has served as a trusted one-stop shop for senior care and ageing issues for both senior citizens and family carers alike since its initial publication almost ten years ago. Produced by Home Instead Senior Care with the support of Age Action, Age and Opportunity and Nursing Homes Ireland, the guidebook provides a comprehensive overview of ageing issues and support available in Ireland including:

it's your guide to:

  • Allowances and Entitlements
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care
  • Nutrition
  • Preventing Hospitalisations
  • Fitness and Wellbeing
  • Legal & Financial Information
  • Community Support
  • Care Options


The 2017 edition takes into account the Budget 2017 changes that have been made, informing senior citizens and family carers of the supports that are available to enable them to live a happy, healthy and independent life in the community. Speaking about this important resource, Ed Murphy, CEO of Home Instead Senior Care said:

“The information and advice available is for family carers and older people making it easier to navigate the caring and ageing terrain in Ireland. The guidebook also includes real life stories and case studies from people who age successfully – these are the people who have prepared for their senior years or who have cared for ageing loved ones and taken steps to safeguard their health, safety, social and family needs”.

“While reading this guidebook, we encourage people to think about their individual wants and needs and the steps that must be taken to help them age successfully. For example, you may want to ask yourself questions such as: Are there resources in place to provide for professional care? Have you appointed a trusted love one as Power of Attorney? Would you be happy living in a residential care setting? Access to this information and encouraging a focus on successful ageing helps us all play a part in living the life we want no matter our age”.

Call 1890 930 847 to order a free hard copy of the 2017 edition of Senior Citizen and Family Carer: The Essential Guidebook.