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Key insights on building up the CAREGiving workforce
Aug 16, 2021

A report released by Home Instead in collaboration with Global Coalition on Aging (GCOA) is the first comprehensive study into the current state of the global caregiving workforce and the challenges it faces for the future.

The global report — Building the Caregiving Workforce Our Aging World Needs — explores the essential truths that must shape the actions of policymakers, healthcare organisations and professionals, NGOs and other public and private stakeholders when they consider the future of the caregiving workforce, and our ability to more effectively serve older adults around the world.


Among the report’s findings were:


The rapid and impending increase of the older global population,

 Global Workforce Report: The 65+ population is projected to double in the next three decades. 

The heightened desire of older people to remain in their home,

The vast majority of older Irish people want to stay at home.

The need for a change in perception when it comes to Caregiving as a career.

The caregiving profession provides the opportunity for a meaningful career. 


Along with highlighting the state of play, the report also outlines the key actions needed to build the caregiving workforce needed by our ageing world.

  1. Change the global perception of caregiving and position it as a valued profession.
    • Implement national awareness campaigns
    • Identify public advocates and create a multi-stakeholder movement
    • Develop and implement national caregiving strategies
  2. Bolster training and education standards to ensure consistent quality and accountability
    • Develop and implement standards for training and care
    • Implement monitoring and accountability mechanisms to ensure care standards are met
    • Formulate and operationalise national carer training, recruitment and
    • retention policies and programmes
  3. Support and reward caregivers commensurate with the demands of the job and the value they provide
    • Implement funding schemes that incentivise competitive wages, working conditions and employee benefits
    • Implement career development programmes and ongoing learning
  4. Elevate the home care workforce within the health and social care ecosystem
    • Identify and protect caregiver needs
    • Implement referral mechanisms for early disease detection and prevention
    • Ensure timely and effective transitions across the care continuum
    • Enact legislation to protect the rights of older people and combat ageism



Read the full report, Building the Caregiving Workforce Our Aging World Needs, here.