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Information on Chronic Conditions that Contribute to Hospital Readmissions
Nov 04, 2016

Does your loved one suffer from a chronic health condition? Data shows that hospital readmission rates are higher for discharged patients living with one of the following six chronic conditions:

1. Arthritis
2. Congestive Heart Failure
3. Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)
4. Comorbidity (Two or more conditions)
5. Transitions Diabetes
6. Pneumonia

Focusing on the specific needs of your loved one and accurately following the doctor’s discharge instructions is critical to a successful recovery. Monitoring care once the older person has returned home by documenting progress and warning signs will help limit the risk of readmission.

There are warning signs to potential hospitalisations that you should be aware of, but there are also some practical solutions to help. Learn more about helping your ageing loved ones avoid hospitalisations by downloading the 5 Ways Guide.