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Stress Busters for Caregivers this Easter
Apr 02, 2015

Home Instead Senior Care understands that the holidays can create a lot of extra to-dos and stress for many people caring for ageing loved ones. As we approach the Easter break, instead of letting stress ruin a time meant to be enjoyed with family and friends, try these stress-busting tips from professionals at Home Instead Senior Care.

Be flexible. The holidays are steeped in personal, family and religious traditions. Maintaining those is a lot of responsibility for family caregivers, who are often the adult children of ageing parents. As a family, ask yourself, ‘What is important to continue and what can we adapt or let go?’”

Take care of yourself. You hear it every year – don’t over-eat during the holidays and keep exercising. That’s easier said than done.  Make a concerted effort to schedule time for exercise and keep healthy snacks handy to help avoid sugary holiday treats.

Communicate your needs. Difficult family dynamics can take centre stage during the holidays. Conflict may arise if family members can no longer continue their traditional roles. Communicating is the best way to help smooth out problems and avert new ones.

Look for comic relief. Nothing lifts the spirit like a good laugh! Gather friends together for a chat and a cuppa or to watch a comedy film.

Plan ahead. Start making a list of who can do what so that no one bears the brunt of the work.

Make time for your traditions. Don’t let favourite traditions go by the wayside.  If time or circumstances make them difficult to maintain, adapt them as necessary.

Be resourceful. Don’t be a martyr. If someone wants to help, say “yes” to that help with the roast or offer to run an errand.

Saying “yes” to help can also mean taking advantage of professional home care services.  

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