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Hello Brain Campaign Launch
Sep 25, 2014

By Adele Chapman,                                                                            
Community Services Representative, Home Instead Senior Care, Leopardstown

Just a few words on the launch of the Hello Brain Campaign which I attended on Monday evening at Trinity College. As a Care Consultant with Home Instead Senior Care, I am in regular contact with families living with dementia and acutely aware of how family caregivers’ own health is often at risk on account of the physical and emotional stress of caregiving. In recognition of this, Home Instead Senior Care have developed a number of educational materials/resources (see below).

However, in addition to the stress associated with caregiving, it is, in my experience, very common for family caregivers, often adult children, to worry about their own risk of developing a dementia – ‘could this happen to me?’. For this reason I was interested to attend the launch of the Hello Brain Campaign could help to address these concerns.

The Hello Brain Campaign Launch was a great evening. Dr Sabina Brennan opened the evening by explaining how most people brush their teeth every day in order to prevent tooth decay but  few people ever spare a thought for their brain health. We then heard from a number of excellent speakers about the importance of brain health and how cutting-edge neuroscience research is showing that lifestyle modifications can help to protect brain health. For example, how many people know that increased complex mental activity late in life has been linked to lower dementia risk? 

The aim of the Hello Brain Campaign is to encourage and support people to be more proactive about their brain health in an effort to protect against cognitive decline associated with dementia. To achieve this, Hello Brain provides easy to understand scientific information about the brain, brain health and brain research. This is all available on the Hello Brain website.

Hello Brain has also developed the ‘Hello Brain Health App’ which delivers daily ‘Brain Buffs’ to help your brain stay fit and healthy. Hello Brain is an excellent resource for both the general public, family caregivers and healthcare professionals and is well worth a visit.

Congratulations to all involved!

The Top Tips  for Brain Health  

  • Get physically active
  • Stay socially engaged
  • Challenge your brain
  • Manage stress, think young, think positive
  • Adapt your lifestyle to protect your brain

Check out additional resources from Home Instead Senior Care here.