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4 Self-Care Tips for Caregivers of Cancer Patients
Mar 19, 2014

Are you Exhausted, Anxious, or Overwhelmed? If you are the caregiver of a loved one with cancer, it is likely that you relate to all of these emotions. Transportation to and from appointments, frequent hospital stays, and the sheer scope and duration of the illness are challenges many caregivers of cancer patients face. What is a caregiver to do when caring for another leaves little room for caring for oneself?

Here are a few suggestions from Home Instead Senior Care that may provide some help.

1. Invite others in.
As the main caregiver, no one knows your loved one’s situation as intimately as you do. You may find it hard to break away or trust others to take your place, even in the simplest of tasks, but this is exactly why you should. Inviting a friend or family member to help out can be a breath of fresh air for all involved, and it gives you a much-needed break.


2. Delegate transportation.
Consider allowing a friend or family member to serve as taxi on appointment days. Between treatments, doctor visits and follow-ups, a cancer patient’s calendar can be exhausting alongside your other day-to-day responsibilities. Delegating your loved one’s transportation to and from appointments to a trusted friend or family member may bring some relief to your strained schedule. If family and friends are not available, consider contacting your local Home Instead Senior Care office to inquire about transportation services as a convenient alternative.

3. Take a coffee break.
Or, take a walk, do some yoga, or just do a little bit of nothing at all. No matter how busy and stress-filled the days get, taking quiet moments for yourself is essential to your wellbeing. As a caregiver, what is essential to your wellbeing is essential to your loved one’s wellbeing. Be intentional about carving out a few minutes several times a day to do something that refreshes you, however simple that something might be.

4. Remember.
The work you are doing is hard work, but it is also good work. Yes, caring for a cancer patient can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining, but your efforts are vitally important. You are making a real, tangible difference in the life of someone you love. Don’t give up, but do take care of yourself.


For more self-care tips, visit Home Instead Senior Care’s website, by simply Clicking Here.