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Checks-ups you need to have
Jan 08, 2014

Reaching 50 is a great cause for celebration. But it also means an increase in your chance of developing certain conditions – so it pays to have checks!

• Bowel Cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in Ireland – affecting more males than females. It can develop without any initial warning symptoms but can be treated if detected early. The Bowel Cancer Screening Programme is delivered by the National  Cancer Screening Service. The programme offers free screenings to men and woman aged 55-74 on a two year cycle. For more information (www.cancerscreening.ie)
• Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Ireland. Over 2,000 woman get breast cancer in Ireland each year. Most of them (8 out of 10) are over 50, but younger women, and in rare cases men, can also get breast cancer for more information( www.breastcancerireland.com)
• Due to the success of The National Cervical Screening  Programme, cervical cancer is now an uncommon type of cancer in Ireland. However, it’s still a common cause of cancer- related death in countries that don’t offer screening. 
• Each year in Ireland over 2,500 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer in men. The chances of developing prostate cancer increases as you get older. Most cases develop in men aged 70 or older. for more information (www.cancer.ie/get-involved/fundraise/action-prostate-cancer.

Continue to have a range of regular check-ups. Routine visits to the dentist along with blood pressure, cholesterol and even glucose tolerance tests are all valuable.

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