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Hobbies for Elderly or Disabled
Oct 30, 2013

Has your retirement left you bored??You finally have your well earned freedom and you don't know what to do with it anymore? Here are some of the hobbies that you can take part in! Don't be bored anymore, enjoy Retirement to the full!

Writing - With all the beautiful moments of joy you may have lived in your lifetime, might it inspire you to creative writings and thoughts. Why not write a book or novel that will be passed down to your children and their children. We all have so much to say so why not write it so that all can be said? Feeding your mind with creative writings, love stories with a little bit of fantasy and such can be a great aid to staying happy. Filling your mind with passionate stories may bring back the passion in many other areas of your daily routines.

Music - Music is a big part of our lives. We always have some long forgotten favorites, a moment of joy can follow the sound of an old soothing melody you used to know so well. While you hold time in your hands why not go on the lookout for all of your lost favorites with the thought of bringing them to play in your home. That may be one step to keeping a nice healthy smile on your face, and a warm feeling in your heart as you sink into comfort. So put your favorite music on and let it play as you find an interest for these other hobbies.

Cooking - Now is the time to excel in cooking more then ever. There is not much that can make you more proud then one of your successful recipes. Make lots of it and give some to your children and grandchildren, to your neighbors and friends. There is no way to more appreciate life then with good food, and if you can make the best food... keep that smile on your face. There are so many things out there to experiment with take everything that looks plausible and mix it together, give it your own touch toss it around in the oven or on the stove. Be proud of getting better at it and you will often end up with miracle food, that being when you can't help enjoying it.

Yoga and Exercise - You can start off with yoga, if you haven't done yoga before simply improvise and it will still work. Put on some of the most soothing songs that you can. Or even better then music are those tapes of relaxing sounds of nature, or anything similar like where you can hear birds and water streams. Then simply sit down in your most comfortable position for a moment and listen to the soothing sounds. Relate to the sounds of nature and as your eyes are closed imagine yourself there. Imagine that you are no longer yourself but part of what you are hearing, you are the water and the birds, as you are the leaves and the wind. Now slowly stretch in a manner that would be most comfortable to you. Attend to your body and muscles, and stretch them with ease slowly in whatever direction they desire going. You may do it for as long as you feel completely emptied of bad thoughts. Then you can face the day with some more physical training.

Knitting and Crochet - For all women, be aware that every family needs at least one person who is able to fix the holes in all that nice clothes. Most of the time your grandchildren will make you the elect. If it is something you like doing, why not? You may sharpen your skills and even make clothes from scratch, get creative and make surprises. What is more fun then having your own fashion design shop in the comfort of your home? It is an art so complex and the possibilities are endless, get in with your own style and wear the clothes you make. Then make something your children may like while practicing for getting better at what you love doing.

Grow and Even Sell Herbs - Not only is herb growing a fantastic hobby for the elderly and people with disabilities, it can also be a very very profitable pastime. Herbs are in huge demand these days due to the huge increase in popularity of natural healing and treatments using age old remedies such as herbs and spices and not to mention the healthy eating trend that is taking the country by storm. Fresh herbs be used for home remedies and cooking and are also very popular dried. They can be turned into products, such as herbal balms, essential oils, and various ointments. Do some research and you will soon see exactly what a huge market and potential you have for earning money from a product that costs next to nothing to produce. Not to mention the lovely fresh herbs you will have to add to your own dishes. 

Wood Work - For all men with some extra space in their house or garage, some Wood Work can be the real deal. Make wood railings, desks and tables then replace your old ones that were bought at a store by the ones that you have made. After a while you can start making your own wild designs, each looking better then the last. You may eventually decide to get back what making them is costing you by selling them to people you know or by finding a way to get your work known to your neighborhood. In any case the making of beautiful furniture is always appreciated by both you and all who may set their eyes on your work, they might even buy one of your projects to motivate you. What you can do is really limitless, from chairs to mobile walls and wall corners, tables and foot stools. Add your own touch to everything around you, make your own furniture and interior decorations, it's hard to beat the end result. Both the beautiful environment it will bring to your home and your creative mind running loose in it's construction.

Collecting - Collecting pretty much anything can be a fun hobby. Take something you like, whether it's stamps or coin collecting and give yourself an objective. Let's say you want 100 of a certain type or model, then you can do that. If you want to collect all the different types and models, that could be another option. What you can do is try and get your hands on all the coins from 1900 to 2008, when you have succeeded that objective you can stretch the date back to the 1800's and go for those, it is an easy hobby and not too much maintenance is required after you are up and started. It really on requires the first initial search through your own change and how you are going to be holding it in an organized fashion. There are some coin folders you can get in certain shops which can then be placed inside a book. You can then flip the pages which are coin holders and transparent so that you can well see where you are at, and which ones you are missing. Then once you get a little change after a purchase simply search through it and see if you might have the ones you are missing between 1995 and 1998. Have Fun!

Laugh and Giggle - Jokes, comedy shows and family games where improvising is involved are just a number of ways for having fun. Set up a date where you and your family can get together and have a night of fun and laughter. Put on some comedy shows in the living room, get busy with some jokes in the kitchen and find a place to play some role playing comedy with your family and friends. One fun game is where everyone takes turns to imitate a profession, action or person. Without talking or giving hints through speech, the person who is standing must try to act as what they have chosen to be. For example if one were to try to imitate an electrician they would try and pretend they are playing with wires or fake getting an electric jolt. Then everyone else tries to be the first to guess what that person is imitating, the one who does guess it first then becomes the one who must stand up and role play. Whatever you can do to laugh more and have some fun is good, give yourself some time and do so as much as possible. It's just one of those things that will keep you healthy.

Go for a walk - Take a slow relaxing walk and don't be scared of what is going on around you, see what the young one's are doing in the city. Let yourself fall into well being and no one will take it away from you. There are too many elders out there who walk staring to the ground while avoiding all eye contact, we should not be hiding we should be proud of what we are and have been.

Although you are older now you should not be treating yourself lightly, be good to yourself. Now that you no longer work you can be MORE active then anyone else. Don't not let fear from television programs or news stations keep you from taking a walk everyday. The world is yours now, go out and explore without thought that you are old and vulnerable for it will keep you from living.