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Five useful products for people with poor vision:
Oct 22, 2013

Five useful products for people with poor vision:

1. Automatic needle threader – A small plastic device that makes it easier to single or double-thread a needle for people with diminished eyesight.

2. Talking Colour Detector – A fascinating lightweight device that can detect the colour of anything – from clothing to fruit. Just point at your target and the device speaks the colour.

3. Folding Stick Seat – A walking stick that expands into a fold-out seat for when you need to take a rest.

4. Auto-drop – A device that holds your eyelid in place and helps you to dispense eye drops.

5. Talking Blood Pressure Monitor – Compact unit operated by a single large button which speaks your blood pressure in a clear voice.

For more details about these products, check out www.assistireland.ie