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Tips on Keeping your Home Warm
Oct 02, 2013

With the cold Months facing us, it is vital that our Homes are winter proof to obtain maximum Heat
Home Instead Senior Care have provided you with tips on"Keeping Your Home Warm"

  • Use your fuel allowances and Household Benefits package. See the entitlements section or log on to www.welfare.ie for further details.
  • Fit a good lagging jacket to your hot water cylinder.It will keep water warmer for longer.
  • Have a timer fitted to your immersion heater to reduce your energy costs.
  • Use CFL lightbulbs: they use 80% less electricity .
  • Keep the living room warm throughout the day (21 degrees if you are active, 24 degrees if inactive). If the temperature falls below 16 degrees Celsius you could be at risk of suffering from hypothermia.
  • Have heavy, well fitted curtains. Draw them in the evening.
  • Heat your bedroom before going to bed and make sure the room is warm before getting up in the morning.
  • During very cold weather, living and sleeping in one room may be less costly. Prepare a bed in the living area. Ask a family member or a friend to help you if needed.
  • Close internal doors and do not leave windows open for long periods.
  • Draught-proof around windows, external doors and letterbox flaps to retain heat.
  • Buy heaters that are controlled by a thermostat as they are more efficient.