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4 Recommendations to help Caregivers cope with the demanding role!
Sep 16, 2013

4 Recommendations to help you cope with the demanding role ofbeing a CAREGIVER

Look for support - Many family caregivers withdraw from family and friends because they feel no one understands. It is very helpful and in many cases, therapeutic for you to join a support group where you can learn from others through sharing your experiences.

Let go of guilt - Let go of the “guilt trip” by realising a need to temporarily set aside care-giving responsibilities for a period of respite.

Nurture the body - Be sure to get enough sleep and eatproperly. Take breaks from care-giving as often as possible by askingother family members to help.

Establish limits - Say no to requests that are beyond yourcapacity and say yes to offers of help from family and friends. Friends, family and neighbours are often willing to helpwith care-giving but may feel uncomfortable around the person with dementia.They may not want to be seen as interfering and they don’t know howthey can help.

People can help you best if you:

• Give them specific tasks and tell them exactly how you arefeeling and what you need.

• Be specific and positive.

• Let them know you appreciate their help and that it ismaking your burden slightly less.

• Sometimes these tasks may be unrelated to direct caringand can be easier for some people. Examples of these areshopping, gardening and house maintenance.

• Let people know how much their efforts have helped – they will continue to assist you if they feel appreciated.