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Jul 10, 2013

You Deserve a Chance to Relax Five tips for planning a relaxing holiday this summer

Between the responsibilities involved with caring for ageing loved ones, taking care of our own families, work demands and any number of other stressors life may bring, we are often dealing with way too much and our bodies may be suffering.  That’s why Home Instead Senior Care want to share some tips with you for planning a relaxing holiday. Summer is almost here! Give yourself permission to take a break from your everyday stress so you can rest and recharge.

older lady on beach on a sunny day
Ask yourself, “What do I really need in order to relax?”
This a tough question when you’re used to considering just a brief trip to the shops by yourself or a ten-minute shower your daily “relax” time. Think about it: What’s weighing on you? Taking up your time? Keeping you from doing the things you really want to do? Give yourself permission to take a break from those things. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Don’t make your holiday a repeat of your everyday life.
If your everyday life is a rat race, don’t schedule activities for every minute of your time away so that you come home desperate for another holiday. Make sure your holiday includes unscheduled time that you can spend however you wish. Holidays are designed to help you relax and have fun. Anything that involves worry, stress, unnecessary responsibilities or have-to-dos – skip it.

Leave your guilt at home.
Guilt is that nasty voice that makes you feel bad for leaving extra work for everyone else, or deciding to hire someone to care for your ageing loved one while you’re gone. Don’t let guilt keep you from getting the reprieve you need. If your work is too much of a burden for someone else to help cover for a short time, that’s an indication you need the holiday in the first place. And letting your loved one receive some additional help and attention from a professional CAREGiver while you’re away could be a great change of pace for both of you. Learn more about Home Instead Senior Care’s Respite Care Services by calling 1890 930  847.  If you’re worried about leaving your loved one because of a condition like dementia, arthritis, or diabetes, Home Instead Senior Care have specialised services for that too.

Don’t cut corners prepping for your holiday.
Put in the time before you leave to properly prepare for your holiday. Think through all the items you need to pack, put together a rough itinerary, consider potential problems and keep a back-up plan in mind if necessary. There’s nothing less relaxing than realising you forgot something important or neglected to make an important reservation. This is an especially important step whether your ageing loved one stays behind or comes along with you.

Try planning several mini-holidays instead of one long one.
Sometimes the preparation needed to go away for a long time and the catch-up work awaiting you after is more trouble than it’s worth. Planning several short weekend trips rather than a week-long holiday might help reduce the before and after stress. It may also take pressure off you from feeling the need to turn your one holiday opportunity into a golden week that fulfils every wish and longing previously suppressed by work and family obligations.

Also keep in mind that while holidays are wonderful opportunities to relax, it’s important to find ways to minimise stress even when you’re not on holiday.

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