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Easing Winter's Big Chill - Expert Tips for Staying Warm
Jan 02, 2013

January. Hypothermia, frostbite and falls are among the winter-related dangers older adults face and it is important that seniors take precautions at this time of year.  Home Instead Senior Care offers some pointers to help seniors keep safe and warm this winter:

  • Stay indoors when it is very cold outside, especially if it is also very windy.
  • If you have to go outside, do not stay out in the cold or the wind for very long.
  • Wear a hat and gloves when out in the cold and always cover your mouth and nose with a scarf.
  • Stay dry as wet clothing chills your body quickly.
  • Go indoors if you start shivering -- it is a warning sign that you are losing body heat.

Falls are another danger for older adults during winter. To lower the risk of falls:

  • Do not walk on icy or snowy footpaths.
  • Wear boots with non-skid soles.
  • If you use a cane, replace the rubber tip before it is worn out and looses its grip. An ice pick-like attachment that fits onto the end of the cane can help keep you from slipping.
  • Ensure steps and walkways are shovelled free of snow outside so you have a clear and safe entrance to the home.