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Beat the Break: Your Fall Prevention Checklist
Nov 16, 2012

This checklist will help you take the steps to make your home a safer place to live:

  1. Are pathways and footpaths outside the home even and free from cracks?
  2. Are the paths free from clutter?
  3. Are rugs and carpets secured with non-skid tape?
  4. Are there hand rails or grab bars beside the stairs or in the bathroom next to the toilet and bath?
  5. Are non-skid mats placed in the bath tub?
  6. Do you use floor polish or wax to clean the kitchen floor?
  7. Are there caster wheels on any item of furniture?
  8. Do you use a nightlight to keep the bedroom lit at night time?
  9. Do you have light switches placed at each end of the stairway?
  10. Are steps visible? 

If you answered no to any of the above questions please consider how you can make yourhome safer and make any necessary changes.