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Overcoming Resistance to Assistance
Apr 20, 2012

Many older people do not ask for help – they fear they will be a burden to their families or lose their independence.  Here are 6 strategies to overcome resistance to care:

1. Understand where the resistance is coming from – simply ask your parent why he or she is resisting;
2. Explain your goals – remind your loved one that you both want the same thing e.g. “I would feel so much better if I knew you had more help, someone to……”
3. Bring in outside help – if the relationship with a parent is deteriorating, a third party professional can provide valuable input;
4. Research your options;
5. Explain how a professional home care service will make it possible to remain living independently at home longer and
6. Respect your parent’s decisions – involve them in the planning for their care and remember, as long as they are of sound mind, they should have the final say.

Our colleagues, Home Instead Senior Care in Australia, have produced a booklet “When Seniors say ‘No’ – overcoming resistance to assistance”  which features plenty of advice and tips Overcoming Resistance to Assistance