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I always seem to feel better on a bright sunny day. Does weather really make any difference to arthritis?
Aug 10, 2011

Doesn't everybody feel better on a bright sunny day? There is no scientific evidence to show that bad weather actually causes arthritis and the condition occurs near the equator as well as in temperate and artic climates. It is, of course, recognised that symptoms may be altered by climatic conditions. For example a fall in barometric pressure with cold damp gather may increase the severity of pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.Patients with barometric joints are nearly as successful as the Meteorological services at predicting weather changes!

It is reasurring to know that dampness and coldness or too much heat does not cause permanent damage to joints. While the weather does not make any real difference to the prognosis in arthritis, as holidays in the sun can be very pleasant and helpful in relieving the symptoms. There is a condition called SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which is said to be a form of repression associated with lack of sunshine. This is not important in the prognosis of arthritis.

This information has been provided by Arthritis Ireland. For more information on arthritis care at home download a copy of Caring Hands from Home Instead Senior Care.