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To see if you've got what it takes to be a Home Instead CAREGiver

I experience great satisfaction from helping others

I like learning new things

What motivates me most is feeling that I’m making a difference

My friends and family would say I’m a patient and compassionate person

I’m a good listener

I have enjoyable memories of time spent with my grandparents or other seniors in my life

I have been a caregiver for a family member or friend

People in my life know they can depend on me


You may just have found your new career. Your response suggest that you have many of the qualities that are necessary for someone to be a successful CAREGiver.

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Thank you for taking part in our CAREGiver quiz.

Some of your answers suggest that CAREGiving may not be your perfect fit. If you want to find out more about what being a CAREGiver entails please contact your local office.

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Every single day, families are struggling to cope. Many are raising children, working demanding jobs, and trying to care for a senior family member. Advances in medicine and healthier lifestyles help seniors live longer and continue to lead more productive lives. But the numbers also tell another story. More and more children need help to care for their parents.

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Women, especially, are trying to balance the care of their parents with the responsibilities of parenting, a full-time job, community and volunteer activities and more. These family caregivers eventually run out of hours in the day; the stress becomes too great and the balance is broken. That's where you come in - as a dedicated Professional CAREGiver, you can help these families restore balance, order and peace to their lives and help their loved ones remain at home.

Do you have a special way of taking care of others? Maybe you've been a family caregiver or you just want to make a difference in the life of a senior. This is your opportunity to share your unique talents and skills to help seniors stay independent and live in their home for longer than otherwise possible.

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