Dementia Friendly Business Education

Dementia Label

The Home Instead ® network is sponsoring a public education programme called Dementia Friendly Business℠. This programme is designed to provide businesses within our community training to become a more welcoming environment for those living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias.

We would like businesses to join us in this effort. Since statistically so many seniors could develop this disease, the Home Instead network is offering this Dementia Friendly Business training for FREE.

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This training addresses the following:
  1. What Dementia generally is and isn’t
  2. Potential signs of dementia
  3. Potential triggers to common behavioural symptoms that may arise from the disease
  4. Suggestions for handling such situations
  5. Suggestions for interacting with someone who may have the disease

The purpose of this training is to help customers with dementia and their loved ones who care for them feel more comfortable because your trained employees treat them with an increased sensitivity and understanding. Let us help educate your employees about Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, and, in turn, certify your business as a Dementia Friendly Business.

Learn more about Dementia Friendly Business training opportunities by contacting your local Home Instead franchise office